Three Low Key Security Tech Solutions for your Home

Home security has never been more important, perhaps, than it is today. Fortunately, home security has also never been this versatile.  Indeed, there are a gobs of technology available to help you protect your home and, more importantly, the people inside.  As such here are a few simple devices you could add for simple home defense or as part of a much larger full suite home security system.


In addition to security camera of Hikvision ownership, security alarm windows could be a smart bet. Basically, security alarm windows let out a loud alarm when triggered. They are not “smart devices” like many other devices, these days, which actually makes them somewhat essential. In today’s high-tech and highl-connected world, having something that is still “off-the-grid” means that it will never be vulnerable to potential hacking or malware that could disarm their functions.


A Smart lock can make your home more secure, but not because it is, necessarily, a better lock than the deadbolt that came with the door.  Actually, it provides about the same amount of practical security as a typical deadbolt.  But a smart lock can offer something that a traditional deadbolt cannot:  remote access.

Basically, you will attach the smart lock on the deadbolt side of the door—typically the interior side of a front door. Then you use an app as a virtual key. This means that you never have to worry about locking yourself out but, more importantly, you never have to wonder if you have locked the door. You can always just lock it from your phone.

As a bonus—you can also unlock the door for a guest or visitor.  Maybe you have family in town or a surprise visit from a childhood friend.  With a smart lock you won’t have to rush out to make an extra key!


Sometimes you want added security when you are home, not just when you are away.  For example, you can install a video doorbell that automatically powers on when a person rings you.  This way, you can see who the person is, clearly on a monitor, in 1080p high definition, instead of trying to figure it through the fish eye lens of a traditional peephole.  It is a simple upgrade to a traditional method that will feel comfortable and familiar but also modern.